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Courier: COUntering Radicalism InvEstigation platfoRm

Creation of a platform for the collection and analysis of content for the prevention of terrorism and radicalism.


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COURIER faces the challenge of providing an operational tool to support the work of investigators and analysts in their fight against terrorism.


COURIER is a platform for the collection and analysis of content (texts, images and video frames) resulting from automatic crawling on surface and deep web with particular attention to terrorist and radical actions.
Multimedia content is analysed through forensic techniques of image processing.

iCTLab, in particular, has developed an image and video analysis module that identifies the source and the content sharing device and evaluates the geographic location of the content source from semantic data processed by a Deep Neural Network.

Other Cases

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Objects identification through iconographic informations obtained from airport scanners.
Creation of an automated medical data collection system.
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We gave sight to robots for supermarkets monitoring.
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